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Company Overview

The Agro Consortium currently consists of Ten (10) Insurance Companies offering Agriculture insurance covering crop and livestock risks. The participating insurers are APA; Gold Star Insurance; Lion Insurance; Phoenix Insurance; Jubilee Insurance; UAP Insurance; CIC General; First Insurance Company; National Insurance Company; and Pax Insurance). Entry is open to other insurance Companies.

The objective of Consortium

  1. Standardize premium rate cover for crop and livestock covered under the national scheme. Premium rates before subsidy ranged between 8-15%, but is now averaging 2.5% after the Government subsidy
  2. Standardize procedure for approval & settlement of subsidy & farmer claims
  3. Ensure that the same insurance products, terms and conditions are provided to participating farmers and all claims are settled in accordance with agreed and standard practices
  4. Consolidate technical and financial capacity essential to developing suitable products
  5. To ensure a cost-effective approach to product development, policy and claims handling.

Exceptional Services We Offer

With our insurance policies you can find coverage for a broad range of farms from small rural acreages to traditional production farms to the largest farms with commercial exposures. From drought index insurance to livestock insurance, we offer a variety of coverages.


Governance Structure

Board of directors

The board of the Agro consortium consists of the executive officers of the consortium members.

Technical working committee

The technical working committee consists of 4 members of the Consortium and the Secretariat Technical Manager.

Agro Consortium Secretariat

This currently has 3 staff members; Technical manager, Consortium Officer and an Administrator

Our Members

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Member 4
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Member 7
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