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Poultry Insurance.

Indemnity to the insured for claims is made in respect of death of birds occurring due to:

  • Accident (including fire, lightning, flood, cyclone/ storm/ tempest/ earthquake, strike, riots, or act of terrorism)
  • All diseases except diseases which are specifically excluded.

How it works

The value of the birds is based on the farmer’s investment in the poultry farm or the value of the birds at maturity.

The insured is indemnified to the extent as per the table of indemnification (providing age wise valuation for the purpose of indemnity) applicable subject to the excess mentioned and subject to salvage provisions and exclusions of the policy.

What is covered?

Death of animals as a consequence of: Fire, Lightning, Floods, rainstorm, Snakebites, Windstorm, Hailstorm, Snow, Hurricane, Earthquake, Landslides, Diseases and impact accidental damage by animals, aircraft, or motorized machinery.

Premium rates

7% of bird value at proposed expiry of the insurance policy

Basis of cover

The client has the option to insure;

  • Expected Market value of the birds by end of the period of insurance
  • How much is spent on raising the birds. (Input cost)
  • 100% of the input loan facility obtained for poultry production

Cover under the Poultry insurance will be subject to 15% Deductible which is the Insured’s contribution towards the claim/loss suffered